sainsburysSainsbury’s – a prestigious History 

Sainsbury's was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann Sainsbury in London, England, and grew rapidly during the Victorian era. It grew to become the largest grocery retailer in 1922, pioneered self-service retailing in the UK. Sainsbury’s is one of the most recognised names within the retail market.

Cashmaster and Sainsbury’s 
Cashmaster has been supplying Sainsbury’s stores for more than 20 years Sainsbury’s were looking for a product that would save time, simplify processes and significantly reduce the amount of errors that can potentially occur when counting cash by hand.
Sainsbury’s initially made use of Cashmaster’s offer of a no-obligation free trial allowing them to try the machines on site and evaluate for themselves the benefits of Cashmaster products. Sainsbury’s trialled Cashmaster machines in different stores over a significant period in order to assess the significant benefits Cashmaster had to offer compared to other manufacturers.

The nationwide benefits for Sainsbury’s
Sainsbury’s soon confirmed time savings which varied by store depending on their volume of cash to be counted. The time saved by using Cashmaster machines gave each store increased time to focus more on their customers and ensure that cash counts were consistently accurate 
Sainsbury’s Cash Management team comments today “We know that Cashmaster offer a range of cash handling products that have proved to be beneficial to all our stores and improved our cash counting processes’’. 
Cashmaster’s counting machines significantly reduce time spent counting cash, with the entire contents of a typical till counted in less than one minute – approximately. 6 times faster than by hand.
Cashmaster machines are used in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK. They are the cornerstone of Sainsbury’s cash handling process.

Customer relationship 
Cashmaster are proud to have forged a business relationship with a forward thinking company like Sainsbury’s. Cashmaster continually assess ways to develop products and service support to meet the needs of each individual store.
Cashmaster and Sainsbury’s have worked together to produce a dedicated support team that ensures all stores are provided with a premium level of support. This is part of Cashmaster added value which differentiates us from others.

Our future 
Cashmaster will continue to work closely with Sainsbury’s to develop innovative new products and improve our service to them. We remain flexible in our approach to ensure that Cashmaster remain the first choice for Sainsbury’s within the Cash handling market.